Deciding on a costume for Halloween can always be daunting; it always seems that the good costumes have been taken. But! If you take a look at your surroundings, you may find a costume no one has ever thought of.

Sure you can head out to any store and pick up the trendiest costume of the year. Or you could always put on the same costume you wore the last five years.

Why? Because it's easy?

Try one of our uber-Grand Junction costumes and you're sure to be the hit any party.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  • Speedo Man

    Getty Images

    Grand Junction knew it was spring when they saw Speedo Man rolling through town on his bike sporting nothing but his Speedo. Sadly, Speedo Man moved from Grand Junction and has since passed away.

    Why not pay homage to a local celebrity this Halloween and sport your own Speedo. It's that simple! You can always add a bike in for full effect.

  • Smoke Shop Mannequin

    Doc Holliday

    Our local mannequin enthusiast will love this costume. You've seen on the side of the road holding a sign taunting you to come in and buy something "smoke" related.

    To pull this masterpiece off all you'll need is a skin-colored leotard, some skin-colored leggings add a trashed wig, some awful makeup and a sign that reads "Smoke Shop." Boom! One killer costume.

  • Chrome on the Range

    Townsquare Media

    Downtown Grand Junction's iconic buffalo sculpture is sure to be a hit. All you really need are some bull horns (painted silver for effect,) a silver shirt, some silver leggings, and a bit of silver body paint to cover your bare skin. Booya! Now you're a chrome buffalo.

  • Mike the Headless Chicken

    Becoming Fruita's famous headless chicken may cost a few bucks, but it will totally be worth it. Find yourself a cheap chicken costume (you may want to get a size bigger) and chop the head off. Stitch up the top and add a bit of fake blood to really set it off. Now cut a couple of holes in the chest so you're not running around like a chicken with your head cut off and you've got yourself the best costume in the Valley.

  • Country Jam

    Clark White / Getty Images

    Who wouldn't want to go as the Western Slope's favorite music festival? All you need to do is, dress up all country like -- cowboy hat, cowboy boots, etc. -- and glue jelly/jam packets all over you. What could be more simple?

  • The Dog Walker

    Thinkstock Photos

    We've all seen her walking down Grand Junction's streets with a pack of dogs following closely behind. Get ready to be the talk of any Halloween party in town.

    Thrown on a pair of tennis shoes, some athletic shorts, a light jacket and a backpack. Tie a few stuffed dogs to some rope and attach them to your backpack. Boom, you are now Grand Junction's uber-dog walker.