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Halloween is almost here and I just won't feel right, unless I get my pet a Halloween costume. I've honestly given my pet's Halloween costume more thought than I've given my own costume.

I need your help because I just can't decide between these costumes. Take a look at my Halloween costume ideas for my pet (her name is Sancho and she's adorable, see a pic here) and let me know which one I should get in the comments.


Purple Octopus

This one will be easy to put on my baby girl, aka Sancho the kitten. It's funny, definitely out of the box, and it's not too expensive either. Let me know if I should dress up Sancho like this for Halloween.


Pretty Peacock

I never would've thought to dress my kitten up like a peacock, but I actually like this one. something tells me she might get distracted with the feather headpiece, but it just makes it funnier. I really like the back of this cat costume and headpiece with the ears cut out and everything.


Ewok is Essential

Star Wars costumes are classic for people and pets alike. This two-piece Ewok costume would look adorable on my pet. I like that it's two pieces and I think Sancho would too. Let me know if you think the Ewok pet costume is the way to go.


Cowboy Cat

I think these kinds of costumes are straight-up hilarious. I know every time I look at my cat and seeing her with a fake cowboy riding on her is going to make me laugh. I'm not sure if my cat would look as scared as the one in the picture though. Whether it's the octopus, Ewok or this costume, let me know which Halloween costume I should get for my pet.