The word legend is thrown around a lot these days, but these four men from the Broncos up for the Hall of Fame are indeed legends.

Champ Bailey

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If there was ever a no-brainer, this is it. Champ Bailey was the best of the best for most of his career, as his 212 interceptions for his career would attest to. Teams preferred to not throw Champ's way most games, which makes him a game changer. With 12 Pro Bowl selections, the most for any cornerback ever you have to ask one question.

Gold Jacket for Champ? Yes.

John Lynch

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Another defensive stalwart for Denver, John Lynch was unafraid to tackle and tackle hard. Although he played his first 11 seasons in Tampa Bay, Lynch brought his hard-nosed style of play to Denver for 4 seasons, which resulted in four consecutive Pro Bowls to end his career. Backs and receivers knew if they caught the ball, they were going to get hit. Hard.

Steve Atwater

Steve played for 10 seasons in Denver, being named to eight Pro Bowls and bringing a hard-nosed tough approach to his game. Nothing proved that more than the hit he put on Christian Okoye on Monday Night Football. Prior to that hit,k the "Nigerian Nightmare" made life tough on defenses.

Pat Bowlen

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The beloved Mr. B is finally getting his chance to enter the hall as a contributor. Since Bowlen bought the team, they had his undeniable stamp placed upon them. His teams were known for their hard-nosed approach to the game, just like Mr. B is. All three Super Bowl titles were won under his ownership and until the 2017-18 season had never experienced back to back losing seasons.

We will find out February 2.