The final police reports are in from Country Jam 2016. 

With anywhere between 20,000 - 25,000 attendees, the annual Country Jam Festival can be a law enforcement nightmare.

Surprisingly, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office final statistics show that crime and alcohol-related arrests were way down from previous years.

Here's how it broke down:

  • Six DUI arrests
  • 181 summons
  • 155 underage drinking
  • 14 arrests for providing alcohol to minors
  • 10 arrest for fake IDs
  • 4 arrests on outstanding warrants
  • 1 obstruction of justice
  • 1 trespassing
  • 1 violation of a protection order
  • one arrest for 2nd degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, vehicular assault and 2nd-degree assault on a police officer while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

How does that compare to previous Country Jams? Well, this year's 181 summons were way down from the 238 in 2015 and 229 in 2014. The MCSO also reported that all 241 drivers who passed through Saturday night's DUI checkpoint were sober.

Overall, it was a very quiet event from a law enforcement point of view.