Since moving to Colorado from North Carolina, I've noticed people in Colorado say certain words in very weird ways. Here are the words Coloradans have a hard time pronouncing.

  • Sale

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    How They Say It: Sell | How It's Actually Said: Sale

    Real Pronunciation: (SAY-L)

    This is more common on the Western Slope of Colorado. Coloradan's pronunciation may stem from our proximity to Utah.

  • Buena Vista

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    How They Say It: Byoona Vista How It's Actually Said: Bwayna Vista

    Real Pronunciation: (BWAYNA-VIST-A)

    Many Colorado words stem from Spanish. Much like this word. Coloradans seem to have "Americanized" it.

  • Salida

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    How They Say It: Sahlihda How It's Actually Said: Sahleeda

    Real Pronunciation: (SAH-LEE-DA)

    Yet another butchered Spanish word. I think it's harder and feels unnatural and forced to say it the incorrect way.

  • Detail


    How They Say It: Detell How It's Actually Said: Detail

    Real Pronunciation: (DE-TAYL)

    This pronunciation reminds me a lot of the pronunciation of "sale." Do Coloradans have something against the letter "A"?

  • Coyote

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    How They Say It: Kiote How It's Actually Said: Kiotee

    Real Pronunciation: (KI-O-TEE)

    I'm not sure how we lost a letter in the pronunciation of this word. More people from the Colorado and Wyoming area pronounce it without the "E" and people from the East, like myself, give the "E" the recognition it deserves.