Have you seen all the fences erected around the neighborhood at 12th and Wellington in Grand Junction? What's going on?

Several houses find themselves behind temporary fencing and "No Trespassing" signs on 12th Street just south of City Market. You'll even see a City of Grand Junction "Land Development Application Pending" sign. What's in store for the area?

Waylon Jordan

I placed a call to the city. An apartment complex, specifically the "Levande on 12th Apartments" are planned for the area. The two permits, 2017-346 and 2017-349 have apparently been withdrawn. That does not mean, however, plans aren't moving forward. According to the person I spoke with, development is simply taking a different direction.

Looking behind the fencing, you'll see several homes have been vacated. In most cases, windows and doors have been removed.

Waylon Jordan

Back in 1976, this area was my old paper route. I delivered to the assisted living facilities and the apartments on the opposite corner of 12th and Patterson. Back then, this area was pretty much the boonies. There wasn't much out there. It wasn't that long ago the spot where City Market now stands was a dirt lot overrun by trees. How things change.

I, myself, own rental properties in this area. Why? Because I'm stupid. My family has a few apartment buildings nearby. They're stupid, too. Nevertheless, this is a high-income area. It doesn't hurt having a University directly across the street.

Waylon Jordan

Keep your eyes on this area. Things are about to change. If your future includes Colorado Mesa University, it might just be you'll have more options when it comes to housing.

Goodbye, little Grand Junction. I can remember when 29 Road and North Avenue was to Hell and gone. Delivering papers at 12th and Patterson was a long haul. Horizon Drive? Forget it. That was for special occasions.