The world thrives on diversity and individuality, and this is never illustrated more clearly than on National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6). Join us as we explore the art of eating the Oreo and what each method says about us.

Who among us has not indulged in the pleasure of the Oreo cookie from time to time? Its tantalizing goodness is unparalleled on cookie shelves across the country and around the world. There is something completely irresistible about these delicacies regardless of whether you go light, regular, double stuff, or mega stuff. Is it possible these cookies were created by heavenly angels?

There are many issues dividing our nation right now, but our universal love for Oreos is not one of them.

However, while we can agree on our fondness for Oreos, the method in which we eat them is one of the facets of life that separates our world today and defines us as individuals.

So, in celebration of National Oreo Cookie Day, here is my look at the different ways to eat an Oreo, and I will tell you what your method says about you. And please take our poll below to help us determine how the Grand Valley eats Oreos.


    Zane Mathews

    This is the simplest method of Oreo eating and requires very little skill or proficiency. You simply reach into the package, pull out one cookie, being careful not to touch the ones surrounding it, and insert it into your mouth like a sandwich. Perhaps this is what the original Oreo creator had in mind and somehow we have perverted the process with alternative methods.

    There are some who would dare to insert the entire cookie into their mouth at once, but it is much more desirable to break down into three yummy bites.

    These are people who take things as they come. He figures if God intended us to eat Oreos in two pieces he would have instructed the folks at Nabisco to package them that way. These folks are actually very easy going, easy to please, and they believe in keeping things simple.

    The Grab and Eat folks tend to be a bit impatient, however. They do want to get right to it, with no messing around. However, they don't usually handle change all that well.


    Zane Mathews

    Instead of experiencing a single taste sensation, the Twist and Licker manage to create two very different sensory experiences. After twisting apart the chocolate wafers, the eater in his or her own way removes filling from the other wafer either my licking it off with their tongue, or scraping it off with their teeth. Following the ingestion of filling, the two filling-less wafers may be eaten one at a time.

    These are people who like to get the most out of life. They'll squeeze every second possible out of every day, and will extend every pleasurable moment to last as long as possible

    They aren't afraid to put a little extra effort into things and take satisfaction in reaping the reward of their additional labor.


    Zane Mathews

    The Twist and Eaters tear the wafers apart but leave the filling on the wafer. It doesn't really matter which half is eaten first. This element can vary from person to person. Either way, you are rewarded with two brilliantly delicious, but different, taste sensations

    These are also people who want to get a little more out of life than the cards they've been dealt. They live their lives with a definite purpose, not waiting for life to come to them.

    They know that life will be what they make it. Things may get a bit messy in the beginning, but in the end, it will be worth it. They actually like a little disorganization in their life.


    Zane Mathews

    The dunker feels compelled to take an entire cookie, slip into the beverage of choice, be it coffee or milk, carefully removing the cookie from the liquid before any floaties break loose to contaminate the beverage. Timing is crucial. A few seconds too long and not only does the dunker run the risk of incurring floaties, the danger of excess sogginess grows with each passing second

    These people think unconventionally and actually, thrive on going against the grain. We may not understand the rationale behind their behavior, but we realize it's possible for them to be just as happy as the rest of the world, even if they aren't normal.

    Dunkers are people who just go for it. Impulsive and bold, these are the world's risk-takers.