You have seen them at sporting events, whether professional or not, mascots are everywhere.

Grand Junction has many things. The beauty of the Grand Mesa, the stunning views from the Colorado National Monument and so much more. But Grand Junction is lacking in one important, very cool thing.

We have no mascot.

So of course that got me thinking about what our mascot would be should we have one, so let's see if we can come together and decide on what our mascot should be, if we had a mascot.

Here are a few ideas I came up with, but we want to know what you think the best mascot for Grand Junction would be, so take a look at these pics then take our poll.



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We all love dogs, right? So having a dog represent Grand Junction makes a certain amount of sense.


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Our national symbol would make an excellent mascot for Grand Junction, don't you think?


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Why not? We all have to eat, so why not represent with our favorite foods? How cool would it be to have our favorite food leading the way with every parade we have?

Something out of the ordinary

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As creative as we are in the Grand Valley I bet we could come up with something so original, everyone would want to copy it.

Take a look at the poll, choose the one you like best or better yet, write in what you think it ought to be and we will see what our potential mascot could look like, if we had one.