Wednesday, November 22, is when we all get to observe "Go For a Ride Day." Here in Western Colorado, we have it made. You can visit dozens of amazing sites all within a few minutes of Grand Junction. Here are five places you should visit.

One of the "rules" associated with this day is you don't need a particular destination in mind. You can simply take a drive, bike ride, carriage ride, skateboard, basically anything with wheels.

Where should you begin? Here are five places you might consider.

  • 1

    Driggs Mansion

    Between Whitewater and Gateway

    Have you ever noticed the abandoned structure resembling a teeny tiny version of the Alamo when making the drive to Gateway? You’ll see it east of Highway 141 when driving through Unaweep Canyon.

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  • 2

    Structure on the way up the Grand Mesa

    Highway 65

    You’ll find this one room structure on the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway shortly after you begin making the ascent up the Grand Mesa. It is located on the south side of Highway 65, at 4868 CO-65, roughly 1,600 feet after you turn off I-70.

  • 3

    Whitewater Cemetery

    North of Highway 50

    To reach Whitewater Cemetery, take Highway 50 through Whitewater, and turn North on Blair Road. Shortly after that turn, watch for a sign on the right directing you to the cemetery. A short dirt road follows.

    As you approach the cemetery, you are asked to park outside the gate and proceed on foot up the hill. The walk that follows is fairly short, maybe a few hundred feet.

    Waylon Jordan
  • 4

    Structure near Delores River in Gateway

    4 1/10 Road west of Gateway

    A structure next to the Delores River just West of Gateway features these two sets of initials. Who do the initials belong to, and how did they wind up on this abandoned structure?

    Just West of Gateway, Colorado, only a few thousand feet past the Colorado/Utah border, there exists an old one-room structure. The two sets of initials are located just above the front and only door. Who, or what, do the initials designate?

    Waylon Jordan
  • 5

    Old Kiln

    Glade Park

    The ‘Old Kiln Trail’ on Little Park Road, just a little bit West of the Mica Mines, has not been maintained these last few years. For that matter, it seems to receive very little use from hikers. With the lack of use, the trail has become overgrown with vegetation.

    Fortunately, with the assistance of notes from past hikers to the area, its secret location was revealed.

    The kiln is very close to the parking area. You won't have to hike far. Enjoy a scenic drive, and a short walk.

    Waylon Jordan