Days are getting short, and they're about to get shorter. When the sun sets earlier, do you find you are a little short on time when it comes to enjoying the outdoors? Eagle's Wing, a trail just off Little Park Road in Grand Junction, is the perfect hike for you.

Here in just a few days, we're going to "fall back" an hour. For those who enjoy an evening hike, time is gong to be hard to find between the hours after work and the time the sun goes down. If you find yourself in that boat, then Eagle's Wing is the hike you've been looking for.

Technically, there are two segments of this trail, the upper and lower, which are incorporated into the network of trails on Little Park. The lower portion of Eagle's Wing sees its fair share of hikers, but the upper region near Free Lunch tends to fall off the radar.

The trail can be accessed via the Tabeguache trail or Lunch Loop. Eagle Connector can be used to get you to the point where several trails converge at the bottom of Widow Maker Hill.

The terrain is fairly rocky, with plenty of loose rocks, so a degree of caution is needed. The grade is moderate, making it a great trail for dog walkers.

Reviews do vary, and some sites list the trail as advanced. That seems to be a little bit of an exaggeration.

Obviously, neither the video at top of the photos below were shot in the evening. I've walked this trail for some time, but until recently, had never hiked it in the evening. While it's excellent at any time of day, it seems as thought this trail is the perfect evening hike.

By that I don't mean to imply it should be walked in the middle of the night. To be accurate, it's an excellent hike as the sun starts to set. The scenery is excellent, and you can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet.

How do you find it? I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but... I've hiked Little Park since the 70s and have only recently hiked the upper portion of Eagle's Wing.

Waylon Jordan

In my defense, it's a little bit hidden. As you approach Free Lunch, the trail reserved for cyclists, or for that matter, advanced cyclists, you'll spot Eagle's Wing just off to the left.

Waylon Jordan

Chances are you've probably walked part of Eagle's Wing at some point. Have you made the full loop, though? Next time you head out for a hike, set aside about two hours, and check out Eagle's Wing.