The next time you can scrounge up an extra 45 minutes, set a course for this short Western Colorado hike. It's close, it's free, and it's far more fun than you remember.

Lunch Loop's trailhead is the starting point for an almost infinite number of trail combinations. Keep in mind, though, not every hike has to be a quest for the Holy Grail. There is such a thing as a short 30 to 45 walk across some relatively easy trails.

Tough day at the office? Do you need to blow off some steam, or better yet, just get away for a minute? Setting out from the trailhead at Lunch Loop, you'll find a wide variety of short walks which have you back to your car in well under an hour.

The next time you have an hour for lunch (not that everyone gets that kind of time anymore) set a course for Lunch Loop. Take the trails immediately left of the parking area, and you'll enjoy an easy walk which has you back to work with time to spare.

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Lousy day at work? Do have a few minutes to kill before you have to meet your friends for dinner? Hit these trails. No special gear is needed. You can walk these trails in your work clothes. You might want to hold off on wearing a $300 pair of shoes, but that would be about the only restriction.

Personally, I set out from the parking area at Lunch Loop all the time, and yet always manage to find new trails I've never seen before. This last weekend alone, I enjoyed the opportunity to explore two new trails, both coming in at well under an hour.

Lunch Loop's trailhead is close to town, No state park or national park passes are required. There's no fee to park. Restroom facilities are available at the parking area. You'll find an abundance of maps and trail markers pointing you in the right direction.

Hit this trail! The next time you have an hour for lunch or 45 minutes after work, forget about parking in front of the boob tube. Enjoy the magnificent scenery found in Western Colorado.