People by the scores visit the western slope for the recreational activities it offers. While countless people choose to live here because of them. It's time to settle the score one and for all -- what is the Grand Valley's #1 recreational activity?

It's not a life or death question that needs to be answered, but curiosity begs to ask the question. Mr. Curiosity also recognizes the fact that the question may be unanswerable. Still, we go forth in search of a definitive answer once and for all.

We know hiking and biking are popular but are they really #1? Perhaps we should have included camping and gardening in our list, but you can always write in your choice. Thanks for participating.

  • Zane Mathews


    Western Colorado has tons of great hiking trails from the Grand Mesa and the Colorado National Monument, to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Rifle Falls State Park, and more. Right in Grand Junction, we have great opportunities along the Riverfront Trail and Connected Lakes. There are plenty of trails to choose from for the most serious to the most casual of hikers.

  • Zane Mathews


    It's hard this time of year to leave your driveway and not encounter somebody on a bicycle. Tons of people utilize the Colorado Riverfront Trail. Mountain bikers can find scores of challenging and family-friendly trails. There is no question that biking is big business in Grand Junction.

  • Zane Mathews


    Fishing requires a little more effort because most fishing excursions require more than a simple drive across town. Still, there are plenty of people in the Grand Valley who are all about throwing a line into Corn Lake, or one of the many lakes, ponds, and streams on the Grand Mesa.

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    So many people are involved either in adult softball leagues or little league baseball. Baseball diamonds and softball fields are filled every week with men, women, boys, and girls who love to play. But, by the nature of the sport, its appeal is limited by the age of the players. Tons of 60 year-olds are hiking, biking, and fishing but you don't see many of them swinging a bat.

  • Zane Mathews


    The mild climate of western Colorado makes golf a very popular activity for at least eight months out of the year. Public course including Tiara Rado, Lincoln Park, Chipeta, Redlands Mesa, and Adobe Creek, along with the private Bookcliff Country Club provide plenty of available tee times to meet the demand in the Grand Valley. Golf transcends ages and sexes, giving it broad appeal.