You'll find that many popular Western Colorado hiking trails are considerably more fun in the winter. One such trail would be the Old Kiln Trail. Not that it's a dud in the warmer months, but it's much more fun and photogenic when there's snow on the ground.

Why is it more fun in the winter? The Old Kiln Trail is a simple hike with very little in the way of technical challenges. The motivation to hike this particular trail would be its namesake.

Hiking the Old Kiln Trail in summer is fun, but it's pretty much a single-track dirt trail which ultimately connects with the Ribbon Trail. Aside from visiting the actual kiln, the trail really doesn't offer much of a true hiking experience. You would have to drive past a dozen trails, any one of which is more exciting, to get to the Old Kiln Trail.

If you're looking for a short, fun, pet-friendly hike in winter, this is for you. Head up Little Park Road as if you're going to Glade Park. You'll find the trail head on the right, just a few hundred feet West of the parking area for the Mica Mines.

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In the event you are looking for a seldom used trail featuring above-average amounts of snow for the region, you should certainly check out the Old Kiln Trail. The path clings to the North slope of the mountain, so constant shade, and little use from hikers, means you'll enjoy plenty of deep, fresh snow.

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To hike to the kiln and back would barely total a half mile. While that might not seem like much in the warmer months, a half mile hike when you're knee deep in snow is plenty.

The kiln itself, while always awesome, is particularly fascinating in the winter months. The snow compliments the structure, making it even more worthy of photos. Before the snowy season ends, make a point to visit this landmark.