Colorado is home to the majestic Rocky Mountains, some of the best skiing in the world, and legalized recreational marijuana. So why would some things most of us normally do or take for granted get banned in some places in the state? Look at this list and see if it doesn't make you go, "Say what?"

Sidewalk Chalk Art


I'm completely serious. In 2012 the neighborhood of Stapleton near Denver actually banned sidewalk art. According to the homeowners association there, anything that is offensive, disturbing or interferes with peaceful enjoyment isn't allowed. This CBS News story from 2012 makes you shake your head.



Now hold on a minute. In a time where greenhouse gasses are being reduced everywhere possible, the one thing we can do to help is banned? Well, yeah. It was overturned by the Colorado Supreme Court in 2013, but from 2010 until that event, bike riders in the town of Black Hawk (out of towners, as townsfolk were allowed to bike) were given $68.00 tickets for riding their bikes through town. The law stated they had to walk them. It's ok now, though.

Rainwater Collecting in a Barrel

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This one I actually have heard before, but it still doesn't make it any less ridiculous. Until 2009, if you collected rain, from your roof, in a barrel, you were breaking the law. The reason behind it was lawmakers felt if all residents collected rainwater, public reserves and flora and fauna would suffer. In 2009, the law was reduced, but in some places, the practice is still frowned upon.

Raising Chickens

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This one you might think was a huge issue in big cities like Denver, right? Nope. In Denver, you can get a license to have chickens, but in other areas, somewhat more rural, you can't. Noting the need for cleanliness and avoiding coyote problems, some Colorado counties just figured it would be easier to ban them all together.

Other Absurd "Bans"

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While not legally binding, a few other "bans" of note hit the news not long ago. Like the kid in Greeley who wasn't allowed to wear his Peyton Manning jersey to school because it "promoted a gang culture". Or how about the woman who requested a license plate that read: ILOVETOFU. She is obviously a TOFU fan, however, the state did not read it that way, and did not allow the plate.

Did I miss any? Leave your comments and other bans and we will do a follow-up!