By now you've seen this project vehicle cruising the streets of Grand Junction. Like most people, you're probably wondering what the story is behind the creation of this local curiosity. Get the inside scoop on 'Mater, Tow Mater's long lost cousin, Western Colorado's most famous vehicle.

Chances are you've seen this truck rolling up and down 5th Street more than a time or two. For those in Fruita, you've probably seen it once or twice as well.

What started out as a Nissan Sentra has rapidly turned into a Western Colorado icon. It is obvious the person or persons responsible for its creation possess a number of skills when it comes to project cars. So, what's the scoop?

As the trucks creator, Travis, explains in the video above, the truck was originally constructed for a funeral.

After a closer look, you'll notice the truck features several recognizable symbols including the Ghostbusters logo (which appears at least twice) and a current version of the Batman symbol.

What you haven't seen are the "James Bond" features found on this little beauty. Under the hood, the truck includes a system of multi-colored lights. It also comes with a fog machine. Yes, a fog machine. Between the fog and the lights, this truck can put on a spectacular light show after dark.

Why haven't you seen the fog machine in use? Apparently, this particular feature is not smiled upon by local authorities. It seems police don't appreciate a truck driving down the road emitting fog and lasers.

Personally, I look forward to seeing this truck going down the road. It makes my day.

The owner of the truck, Travis, is a super cool guy, and enjoys talking about the truck. The next time you see it out and about, don't hesitate to stop and talk to Travis. He'll be happy to tell you more.