See all the stages of hiking 14er Pikes Peak in Colorado, courtesy of 10-year-old Rylie. This little girl loves to hike, Pikes Peak was Rylie's second 14er.

Rylie and her mom, Ashley, hiked Pikes Peak this past Saturday, September 21. Ashley said they started their hike at 6:30 a.m. and they were done at 6:30 p.m. Ashley and fifth-grader, Rylie, hiked the Crags Route which is 14 miles round trip.

Pikes Peak is Rylie's second 14er, Handies was her first. She plans to do all of the 14ers, according to her mom. Here are all the stages of hiking 14er, Pikes Peak, by 10-year-old Rylie from Colorado Springs:

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    Stage One

    This is the first stage of hiking Pikes Peak. This is about 4 miles in and when you reach the saddle. The whole hike has been all uphill so far. Now you can see the rest of your hike -- the end goal is in sight.

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    Stage Two

    Here's stage two of hiking 14er Pikes Peak, thanks to Rylie. This is as you enter the devil's playground which is very windy. Thanks to these rocks, the wind isn't too bad and is a great spot to rest.

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    Stage Three

    Here's stage three of hiking Pikes Peak in Colorado. Rylie shows us what it feels like to finally step onto the summit. You've hiked 7 miles uphill at this point and your legs don't ever want to move again.

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    Stage Four

    Here's the fourth and final stage of hiking Pikes Peak. The aftermath left Rylie exhausted, so much so she passed out immediately after eating at the Summit House. This is a well-deserved nap for Rylie.