The end is truly near for the Grand Junction Herberger's department store.

In April, we learned the Herberger's at Mesa Mall in Grand Junction would be closing its doors forever - and that final moment is closer than ever.

As of Tuesday, (August 21) the magic number is down to nine - nine days before the Herberger's doors close for the very last time, which means just a few days left to buy up whatever is left in the store.

I was there on Saturday and lucked out, finding a slightly stained pair of jeans marked 90% off, which made my final bill a whopping $4.32.  Now, that's my kind of bargain!

Unfortunately, even though stuff is generally marked at 70% off, you can still expect to pay $15, $20, $25 or more for clothing and merchandise. If you are shopping for clothes, the biggest challenge is finding something in your size.  I combed through every rack of slacks and jeans and found one solitary pair of pants in my size.

If you are big and tall, or have a 40" waist or bigger,  you can probably find some great deals. But, for the averaged size "Joe", you are probably out of luck. There are a lot of empty racks throughout the store, so you're going to have to carefully search through it all, and, just maybe you will find something.

Zane Mathews

These vases are pretty cool, but the smaller ones are still going to cost you nearly $50 and the bigger ones are almost $100. Some will consider these a bargain, however, considering nobody has snatched these up in all these months of the going out of business sale, I'm probably not the only one who is looking for a better bargain.

You are going to find large savings on fine jewelry, but, considering the mark-up on jewelry,  you're still going to be paying what I would consider a pretty hefty price. However, there is still a pretty good selection, so if you like jewelry you can probably find something.

Here's something you might want to grab. These plush blankets are selling for just $8.99 and could make some great Christmas gifts for kids.

Zane Mathews

It won't be long, and there is going to be a big empty space at the end of Mesa Mall. Will we see another big department store moving in? Only time will tell. For all of the faithful Herberger's shoppers over the years in Grand Junction, it is definitely the end of an era.