The Marvel Universe, DC Comics, and more have put superheroes back on the cool list.

Colorado has some super towns, so why not match the town up to a superhero?

Pueblo-Iron Man


Pueblo. Just the history of the mills in Pueblo would give rise to Iron Man being linked with it. Not to mention its resiliency and ability to overcome!

Telluride-Captain America

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There are many towns in Colorado that could lay claim to this one, but my choice is Telluride. For Telluride to even survive what it has it had to be a hearty, resilient group of people that kept it together. Telluride: The Captain America of Colorado!


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Depending on what city's residents you ask, their city is like Superman. But to me, the city with this designation would have to do it a bit better than the others. Treat people right, look out for the other guy, be huge and noticeable and kind. I have to go with Denver on this one. SuperDenver!

Colorado Springs-Batman

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The Dark Knight requires a city that would need his powerful presence. And so, Colorado Springs, you can now consider yourself the Batman of Colorado! Some neat places there for a Batcave, too!


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A sense of humor will definitely be needed to be the Spiderman of Colorado. A place that is not too overbearing, fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Hello Craig. You can now refer to yourself as the Spiderman city. You're welcome.

Aspen-Wonder Woman

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One of my favorite superheroes. She can do everything. Beautiful, strong and simply amazing. This just says Aspen, don't you think?

Fort Collins-Thor

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The God of Thunder would need an impressive place indeed. Given the fact that it can get pretty thundery in Fort Collins, and not always because of the weather, Thor fits Fort Collins to a T.

Grand Junction-Flash

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Fast and fair, Flash's speed makes him one of the most amazing superheroes and is the perfect choice for Grand Junction. Sounds good, doesn't it?


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I love this superhero. He just doesn't care what he says or does or how he goes about his business, he just gets the job done. And what town would be more like Deadpool than Boulder?

Aurora-Dr. Strange

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I had a hard time picking a place for this superhero. I thought about all of the others we already named, but none fit. And since it's kind of a city, but not sure about its identity, Dr. Strange can now rest easy, knowing Aurora is his kind of place.

Feel free to add your choices to this list. Disagree with my choices? Cool! Let's see yours.