20-year-old Taylor Bradley is a mass communications student at Colorado Mesa University. She has found a way to not only communicate, but help the homeless in Grand Junction.

KREX reports that Taylor was asked in an assignment to speak with individuals that were considered to be homeless. She asked the question, what are you going to do this winter? She heard a deafening silence. This made Taylor immediately think of a way to help.

Taylor decided to help keep the homeless warm:

"I take blankets from local thrift stores and Goodwill and try and get them as nice and cheap as I can, then I haul them out,"

Even after Taylor's class ended, she decided to continue on with her plan to help as many people as she could stay warm.

"It's about showing them that they're people and they matter, and that someone notices and someone cares,"

Taylor has started this project with her own money, which costs 2 to 3 dollars a blanket. She has set up a Go Fund Me account to help with expenses. Taylor's goal is 100 blankets. As of this report, she had given out a bit over 50 blankets.

Any time that you see a story like Taylor's, it really gives you a good feeling inside. Thank you, Taylor, for the gift of warmth for those less fortunate this winter. If you would like to donate and help Taylor exceed her goal, click the link below.