Oh, Colorado! You sure know how to make a celebrity feel welcome. A couple ladies brought Rodney Carrington a gift to last night's show (Jan. 29) and we can guarantee it would only happen in Colorado.

During the meet and greets between shows, a few lucky audience members had the chance to meet Rodney. They shared stories, he signed autographs and a couple ladies gave Rodney a special Colorado gift.

Townsquare Media

See the flowers, that's the gift. There's a yellow one, a pink one, and some "green" decorative stuff. Not only were the flowers special to Colorado, they also gave him a special vase. It was the strangest vase too, looks like there's a place to put a little flower.

(Pay special attention to the "vase.") Townsquare Media

These two giving ladies were grinnin' from ear to ear, too. Probably from the excitement of giving such an awesome gift.

Do you see it?