Sometimes, running late is inevitable. Here are some very Grand Junction reasons for being late.

Chickens crossing the road.


Grand Junction residents can own chickens, and sometimes they just run loose.



Let's be honest. It is impossible to think of a time Grand Junction roads aren't closed or under construction.

Hit every red light on Patterson.


If you don't get on the right pattern with the lights, these reds can add a good amount of time to the commute.

Potholes broke your car

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Sometimes, it sounds like you left part of your car at the pothole. That can slow you down.

Had to stop and take a picture of the sunset, or cloud formations over the Monument.

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Grand Junction is surrounded by natural beauty, it happens.

Yard Sales

David Sacks

It's hard to pass up 50 yard sales without stopping.


What are some other Grand Junction reasons for being late?