It's a beautiful Colorado summer evening and you're getting ready to grill up some delicious grub. With your apron draped over your neck, you head to the grill only to discover a giant snake hanging out. Looks like you're ordering pizza.

A homeowner in Westminster, Colo. called the Colorado Association of Animal Control to report a huge bullsnake resting on their grill. The snake was using the grill as a perch trying to get his own BBQ, a couple of baby robins in a nest.

Bullsnakes are very common in Colorado. As menacing as they look, they are a nonvenomous species but are known for being pricks. According to Wikipedia, when the snake feels threatened, it will rear up, start hissing and strike in an effort to get away.

The Colorado Association of Animal Control suggests residents stay on trails when hiking and keep their dogs on leash to prevent any injuries to you, your dog or the snake.