It was just last week I accidentally discovered Snooze A.M. eatery via an online discussion, not realizing that my first Snooze experience was just days away.

Snooze is a Colorado-based eatery with 9 locations on Colorado's front range, as well as restaurants in Texas, Arizona, and California. In my initial post, I mused about the possibility of Snooze coming to Grand Junction, promising that if I ever experienced it, I would report on my findings.

Well, on a weekend excursion to the front range, I made the decision to be adventurous and give Snooze a try, opting to scope out the location on Denver's Colorado Boulevard.

Zane Mathews

The first thing I can say is, the restaurant is wildly popular. The wait to be seated was an hour and a half. I was told it wasn't uncommon for the waiting line to wrap around the building.

So, the next question begging to be asked is "was it worth the wait?"

While the main fare at Snooze is breakfast they do offer a compliment of lunchtime sandwiches. However, I had my heart set on breakfast. I noticed some pretty traditional offerings on the menu, but opted to step outside of my comfort box and try something new.

My waiter, Brett, with his nifty handlebar mustache announced a new fall menu, which included pumpkin pancakes, topped with cream cheese filling and sweet cream drizzle, and pepitas, otherwise known as pumpkin seeds. Of course, I was skeptical, but Brett assured me it was an excellent choice.

Zane Mathews

As it turned out - and believe me, I was the most shocked person in the entire restaurant- I discovered that I liked the pumpkin pancakes, the cream cheese was absolutely delightful, and the pepitas were actually quite wonderful.

However, I did have some hashbrowns with chorizo and some of their rosemary gravy, and I have to say, for my taste, it was disappointing. It's not that it tasted bad, but, for the picky someone who shutters at the thought of finding unidentifiable objects and crunches in their food, it was a terrifying experience.

Would I go back? Absolutely. There are so many other things on the menu to try, so I'm willing to give it another shot. In the meantime, I will stand by what I said previously about how wonderful it would be if Snooze would come to Grand Junction.