Did Santa bring you a new big screen TV? How about a new computer or DVD player? If you received gifts that typically come in boxes, you would be wise to avoid advertising it to the entire world.

There are some dishonest people out there who would really enjoying having a big screen TV just like yours. As a matter of fact, they wouldn't mind having YOUR big screen TV. After unwrapping all the Christmas goodies, some people make the mistake of telegraphing the contents of their house to passing thieves.

Nothing says "this house has a brand new Sony big screen TV" like a giant Sony cardboard box sitting on the street next to the trash can. If a thief sees a box with the Apple logo on it, they may deduce the corresponding house contains a new Apple computer.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office encourages you to avoid leaving your Christmas present boxes in front of your home. They recommend you collapse your cardboard boxes when leaving them for pickup. There is of course another option  - recycling. The guys at the recycling center are nice people, and ... they don't know where you live.

It's nobody's business what you received for Christmas. With that in mind, it is a good idea to keep that information hidden from would-be burglars.

Here's hoping you'll enjoy all the nice items you received for Christmas. To continue enjoying them, it would certainly pay to avoid sharing details as to the contents of your home.