We're willing to bet you never gave a second thought about what you eat for lunch says about the person you are, have you? That's ok, we have!

We all love to eat. But what we like to eat says a lot about the type of person we are, our lifestyles and even the jobs we have. All that information from food? Absolutely.

We found an entire treasure trove of information about who eats what and why. So let's "dig in" and see what "tasty morsels" we can find!


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If you gotta have your carbs at lunch, then you are a CarboHydroid. No matter the day, season or reason, if it ain't carb filled, it ain't filling you up. Am I right? A nice, thick, triple cheeseburger will all the trimmings. Thick, juicy steaks, large, ice-filled cola, piles of fries and/or onion rings. Yeah, this is you. You will find Carbohydriods at Red Robin most days, or maybe Munchie's in Fruita. They're everywhere. Here are some more places they can be found.

Leafy Lettucites

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Now, if your idea of a great lunch involves a salad, you can now proudly refer to yourself as a Leafy Lettucite. Wear that badge proudly as your heart sings it's healthy song and your taste buds, who used to be so happy, have been relegated to, "oh come on now, this is good stuff".  These folks can be seen around the salad bar at Bin 707. Or Kannah Creek Brewery. I've seen them.



Maybe you like eating alone. Maybe you like eating at your desk while working, because of you, my friend has far too much to do to spend time diving into salad or fries or anything else. No, you have snacks. And everyone knows you have snacks. If you can pull open any drawer in your cube fiefdom and find a snack of some type, you are without a doubt a CubeMunchinator. I know for a fact there is at least one CubeMunchinator here at Townsquare. I bet your job has a few too.



And here we have our personal favorite. You will never find this person at a restaurant (unless the company is paying) and you certainly won't find them rabbiting down lettuce either. No, the HomeSlicer brings delicious meals from home. The beauty of this person is they can be all three. Hamburger meals, chef salads and chips and a soda can be one of their awesome lunch choices and they don't even care. I made this stuff at home so I know it's good. You go, HomeSlicer.


Raul Taborda

Admit it Chinese or Mexican or Italian dishes make you salivate. Heck just saying Kung Pao chicken alone makes you shake with anticipation. This is how you know you are an Internationalista. Have a burrito or two, or enjoy a nice huge plate of lasagna and celebrate your internationalness! If you go to the Grand International Buffet you can identify much more with these guys.

So did you find yourself in here? Or maybe you're not quite sure. Keep an eye on what you're eating and let us know which one you are, or create one of your own. Just remember the golden kindergarten rule: Share!

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