As of early afternoon today (Thursday, May 18), chains or alternative traction devices were required for all CMV, including buses, driving on Colorado's I-70 between Bakerville and Eisenhower. Take a look.

Isn't this a little odd for May 18? Looking back three years, a similar storm rolled through on May 11, 2014. I was on that very stretch when it reached its peak. All of us on that portion of the interstate enjoyed a nice four-hour rest on a frontage road while I-70 waited for the plows to come through.

It appears as if today's situation isn't quite that bad... yet. Here's a look at the scene a few miles west of the photo shown above.


Fortunately, in the Vail area, things aren't quite as bad.


Grand Junction just experienced a ten-minute interval of very interesting weather. The National Weather Service says we can anticipate continued rain, maybe even snow, through the night and into Friday. Things will begin to clear up Friday evening, and by Saturday, we'll see mostly sunny with a high of 67.