Can you believe that seven years ago was only 2011? It's hard to comprehend, but looking at these three pictures takes me back, seven years to be exact. This is what I was doing seven years ago.

Seven years ago I was in college at App State. I was enjoying myself to the max, making new friends, going to parties and sometimes even studying.

  • Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    Red Solo Cups Are Classic

    You can clearly tell how much of a good time college was for me. I think this was some sort of facial hair/moustache party my friends had at their house. Note how my friends have 40s taped to their hands while I go for a more classic red Solo cup look.

  • Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    Beautiful Blues

    I love where I went to college because its surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.I captioned this with some Pink Floyd lyrics 'so, so you think you can tell, heaven from hell, blue skies from pain, do you think you can tell?.' Seven years later, I still love those blue mountains and I still love Pink Floyd.

  • Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    Spring Break Baby

    Seven years ago I still had a spring break. Man do I miss those days of fall breaks, springs breaks and more. My first spring break in college was done right. I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with my best friend and it was as ridiculous as this picture. (And no I didn't have to do what you're thinking for those beads.) And I got to see Sandra Bullock's house in NOLA.