Too often we just visit places, not experience them. For example, if you want to get the true New York City experience, you go to a Broadway show, or see the Statue of Liberty. But in Grand Junction, we have way cooler places than that. So in an effort to truly relay the Grand Junction experience, let me show you how.

The Lay Of The Land


Grand Junction sits in what is known as the Grand Valley, and if you get above it all, you get to see why. So gas up, grab some munchies and head up on the Grand Mesa. As you can see from just a photograph, the beauty is amazing, no matter what time of day it is. And from here you can see what else you might like to see. And nothing is quite like a drive over the Colorado National Monument.

Wine Country


Grand Junction area wines are fruity, delicious and in demand, so you need to check the wineries out. Seeing the fruit on the vine, tasting the wines that have been made and enjoying the ambiance make wine tours a must in order to truly experience Grand Junction.

Sporting Events

From the Junior College World Series (JUCO) to The Grand Junction Rockies to CMU and local high school athletics, Grand Junction loves its sports. And if you truly want to experience Grand Junction, you have to take in a game at Supliizio Field and Stocker Stadium.

Great Food

Dmitry Kalinovsky

Whether your palette demands you will find it here, and it will be delicious. From romantic dinners to family feasts, Grand Junction has you covered with a variety of restaurants catering to every taste. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Far Eastern restaurants are just a small example of what you will find here.

Country Jam

Joshua Timmermans

Whether or not you like country music, everyone loves a party and for four days every summer, Grand Junction plays host to the best party of them all. People, music, fun, food, sun and more are to be found at the biggest party of the summer.

I love living here, and with so much to do and so much to see, don't just visit Grand Junction, experience Grand Junction!