Grand Junction is one of the most beautiful places in the state to live. We have more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and incredible people. We also have some mighty cool landmarks. Take a look at a few of these.

Grand Mesa


Locals use the Grand Mesa as a form of a directional landmark, as it is east of Grand Junction and pretty much everywhere else. Not to mention the absolute beauty of it. Driving the Grand Mesa always gives you incredible views, and from just about anywhere, you can pick out things on the Mesa as well, like the Gooseneck. Summer is here!

Downtown Grand Junction

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The city has made many improvements over the years to make this a fun place to go, to shop, eat, or just take in the street art. Add in the Farmers Market, and downtown, as a landmark, makes perfect sense.

Canyon View Park

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First, it's enormous, it's easy to find and fun to visit. You can see why Canyon View Park is an excellent example of how a park should be laid out. With room for sporting events, picnics and kid friendly areas, just mentioning Canyon View is enough for most locals to say: "See ya there".

Cross Orchards Historic Site


Former President Barack Obama loved the look of this place so much, and the history of it, that he held his rally here. Pretty impressive stuff when you stop to consider all of the other choices the President had. But why Cross Orchards? Well, as the name suggests there is a lot of local history here, especially trains. Children love playing on the trains, and adults love the place not only for that but the memories they may have as well. And it's a great place for a picnic.

Colorado National Monument


As monuments go, this one is by far one of the most impressive. And as landmarks go, when you can see it no matter where you are around here, it qualifies. Nature has outdone itself with this place. Just look to the southwest and you can see it. And, as it stretches from Grand Junction to Fruita, you can see it everywhere. Natural. Beautiful. Impressive. That's the monument.

That's my list, add your favorites so we can all know some great landmarks around here!

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