What do you get when you cross delicious food with the outdoors? Why a picnic of course! From the romantic type of picnic to the fun and games kinda picnic, we all love to get out, have fun and eat. So let's explore a few places where we can get our picnic on!

Highline State Park

Pick out your spot where you can see Highline Lake, watch the boats, the water, the Mesa, and relax. Add in a little shade and your swim gear and you have an all day pass to fun! But don't forget the food!

Colorado National Monument

You can't go wrong planning your picnic up here! There are hundreds of places where you can go to see some of the most magnificent scenery around while chompin' down on some delicious food. Enjoy!

Grand Mesa

Zane Mathews

Honestly, to me, the most beautiful place around. There are several places on the Mesa where you can pull off, find some shade and take in the most spectacular views of the Grand Valley around. You may forget to eat, though, it's so beautiful up here.

Unaweep Tabegauche Scenic Byway

Head to Highway 141 and enjoy some of the most amazing vistas around. Canyon country is home to beautiful colors, wonderful scenery and a lot of history. Get the kids together and make THIS picnic a learning experience they won't soon forget, and neither will you.

Obviously, there are hundreds of places where you can go and enjoy a nice picnic, have some fun and see a natural beauty that is Western Colorado. Share some of yours and let's put together a fun picnic experience!