I've lived in Grand Junction most of my life, and I think I know a lot about the Valley. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out about the Little Book Cliff Railway.

Thanks to reddit user, PinkFloydPanzer, today I discovered this tidbit of information and was amazed.

The Little Book Cliff Railway ran all the way from 1st Street to the now defunct town of Carpenter. There isn't much left of this town, except for a coal seam fire that started in 1923 and is still going today.

There is, however, one piece of a boxcar left from there and it is held at the Museum of Western Colorado. There is a luge-type piece of equipment that would have been used for an excursion, which you can see at The Historic Cross Orchards.

Google Maps

The only other remaining proof that a train really did run through here is Little Bookcliff Drive. It is named after the railroad and it also shows where the right of way was that use to be there.

Google Maps

You can also check out some of the remaining trails in the OHV area off of 27 1/4 Road near the airport. Like the double horseshoe curves, you can see here.

This is something that makes me want to look around the areas that the train used to run through and see if there is anything left of what was.