The Colorado Rockies are off to a good start in 2016, but should Rockies' fans start making plans for the World Series?

The Colorado Rockies through 12 games are 7-5, have won three out of the four series they have played, and find themselves a half game out of first place in the National League West.

Yes, it is a pretty good start, but Rockies' fans don't need to be reminded that it is a long, long season, and a good start doesn't necessarily translate into season-long success.  On the other hand, maybe fans do need to be reminded.

Let's take a look at the last five years from The Rockies after 12 games have been at or above .500 in each of the last five seasons but haven't finished better than fourth place.

2011                             10-2                                                  73-89                        4th
2012                              6-6                                                   64-98                        5th
2013                              8-4                                                   74-88                        5th
2014                              6-6                                                   66-96                        4th
2015                              7-5                                                   68-94                        5th

By the way, the last time the Rockies finished better than 4th place in the division was 2010 when they finished in 3rd place after starting the season 6-6.

Colorado  is due for a good season, but it's far from a sure thing. As we can see from the last five years, it's not how you start that counts, but how  you finish. And it's a race of endurance.

I don't know of any "experts" that expect the Rockies to make a splash in the National League Pennant Race, but anything is possible.  But, if you are making October plans, I would be inclined to think the Rockies won't be interfering with those plans.  Past history seems to indicate trends of the future.

Go ahead and make plans for October - just don't plan on attending a World Series game at Coors Field.