You've probably heard Taylor Swift won a settlement of exactly $1 following a week-long trial over a 2013 groping incident involving a Colorado DJ. Where in Colorado, specifically Western Colorado, could Taylor spend that mighty dollar?

A dollar doesn't go very far nowadays, but you can still get some value for it. Unfortunately, as of yet, Taylor has not received her dollar. While it's a real jip, it does afford her a little time to make shopping plans. Here are a few options she might consider.

  • McDonald's Dollar Value Menu

    Several Grand Junction locations
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    The McDonald's $1 Value Menu is back and better than ever. Taylor can enjoy one of several delicious selections from the lengthy menu. Unfortunately, at last report, the two hot apple pies for $1 are no longer available.

  • Family Dollar

    Two convenient Grand Junction locations
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    Taylor can stretch her dollar farther at the Family Dollar. Grand Junction is home to a couple of convenient locations:

    • 2776 Acrin Avenue
    • 3000 F Road
  • Grand Junction Area Panhandlers

    Several convenient locations around the valley
    Tim Gray

    I found this sign right next to the McDonald's at 12th and North (while I enjoyed the $1 Value Menu). It reads "Why Lie - I Need a Bud... Not Budweiser." One dollar won't get you a bud, or even a Budweiser, in Grand Junction, but it is at least a drop in the bucket.

  • Colorado Lottery Scratch Ticket

    You could be an instant winner!

    One dollar isn't worth much. But, with a purchase of one dollar, and a little luck, you could turn that dollar into two dollars, or maybe even $10,000! Taylor should get a one dollar scratch ticket from the Colorado Lottery.

  • Throw It On Ceiling at Triple Tree

    Triple Tree Tavern in Clifton

    Taylor could follow suit with hundreds of other Western Colorado residents and stick the dollar to the ceiling at the Triple Tree Tavern in Clifton. It's a neat trick and lots of fun.