Laws are generally a good thing, but here are five unbelievably dumb Colorado laws.

Sometimes a law might be a good idea at the time it's made, but, then, times change and the law is no longer relevant,  yet it stays on the books. There are times when a particular law might actually be a good idea, but the way it is worded can make it sound extremely wacky.

Here are five laws in Colorado that may sound strange, but are true.


  • 1

    There Must Be Light


    In Arvada, any business that sells alcohol must be adequately lit in order to facilitate the checking of identification without resorting to other means of light. Have you ever seen a bar that wasn't dimly lit?

  • 2

    No Llama Grazing


    In the city of Boulder, it is illegal to allow your llamas to graze on city property. This also applies to cows, sheep, goats, burros, mules, and pigs, but look out for those llamas.

  • 3

    Keep Your Vacuum To Yourself


    In Denver, you are not allowed to loan your vacuum to a neighbor. Have you ever even tried to borrow a vacuum cleaner from your neighbor? Of course not, your floor just stays dirty or you rent one from the market.

  • 4

    No Crashing Allowed


    At Vail, you are not allowed to crash into obstacles on the ski slopes. The law specifically says "each skier shall stay clear of snow-grooming equipment, all vehicles, lift towers, signs, and any other equipment on the ski slopes and trails." Like you actually want to crash?

  • 5

    No Kissing


    In Logan County, in the northeast corner of the state, they like to limit kissing. It is illegal for a man to kiss a woman who is asleep. Of course, the logical question here is why would a man want to kiss a sleeping woman?