With Memorial Day comes the much loved three day weekend. Since we like to get out and do things, let's look at five things we can do to maximize the time away, refresh and regenerate.

Aspen/Snowmass Summer Kick-Off - Aspen


Looking to maximize the amazing beauty of Aspen and Snowmass, the world renowned ski area has many exciting plans to bring fun and enjoyment to anyone's day. Among the improvements, they are making to the area for the summer are a slide, a rope/log staircase and a newly refurbished obstacle course, not to mention the Gondola rides.

Fireworks At Elitch Garden's Amusement Park - Denver


Combine the fun, amazing thrill rides at the park with fireworks and you have what they call a win-win situation. Who doesn't like fireworks? And when you throw in an amusement park like this one, well, fun abounds.

Music On The Mountains Kick Off - Glenwood Springs


Starting with the Missing Link Band and running through the summer, Music on The Mountain in Glenwood Springs promises a great time. Add in the fun of the rides, the relaxation of the hot springs pool and the exhilaration of the vapor caves and it sounds like the weekend is tailor made for you.

Canyon City Balloon Classic - Canyon City


Balloon launches, skydivers, great food local artists and a 3 day weekend to enjoy every bit of it. If you like hot air balloons, this is the place for you.

Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony - Grand Lake

Richard Lockyer

This beautiful ceremony honors those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Along with the parade, which includes veterans, service groups and more is a touching ceremony to honor the fallen. And the beauty of the area is undeniable.

So there are a few things for you to consider this Memorial Day. Get out and enjoy and remember the reason we celebrate this day.