We all know how incredible Colorado is, so why not throw out a few facts that no one can dispute?

1. 70% of the residents of the state live on the Front Range

It's like only the heartiest of souls decided to brave the mountains and come to the Western Slope. And we like it like that.

2. The highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains are all in Colorado.

Well, the 30 highest anyway. The Rockies stretch from Canada to New Mexico and the tallest are all ours.

3. Colorado contains 75% of the land mass in the US that is above 10,000 feet.

Nowhere is the land higher than Colorado. Oh sure, you may have a few places that have one or two spots over 10,000 feet, but most of them are right here, where you would expect them to be.

4. Colorado's lowest point is still higher than 18 states highest point.

The Arkansas river sits at 3,515 feet, which is still higher than several states highest point. Naturally, Colorado just seems to rise above the others.

5. One of the sunniest states in the US

With over 300 sunny days, Colorado is one of the sunniest states, even with the mountains and the snow. Now I know why so many are so tan here.

There are a few to get you started. There are plenty more where that came from.