Now, Silverton Mountain more terrain available for heli-skiing enthusiasts due to recent expansion.

According to, Silverton Mountain swapped some land with the BLM which gives heli-skiers some 25,000 acres of skiable terrain. The agreement with the BLM is for five years.

Heli-skiing affords thrill seekers the opportunity to be dropped six times in terrain exclusive to heli-skiers and snowboarders.

Heli-skiing is, of course, for people with deep pockets. At an advertised rate of $999 per day, it's a pretty limited amount of die-hard skiers that can even afford the adventure. But, for those that can, the expansion is great news. Silverton does offer a new late-season pass for $149 which includes a private day on the mountain, exchange days with other resorts, and half-price heli-skiing.

We are still months away from the ski season, but the snow news is beginning to roll in, and it's getting all the skiers excited and primed for another season.