Embarrassing moments happen to all of us. but when it's on a state-wide or national level, it's just a little worse. Take these for example.

Remember Balloon Boy?

The family and everyone else thought a six-year-old boy was floating along on the balloons when it turned out he was asleep in the garage. It was later revealed it was all done "for the show".

Soloman The Owl, and Lawyer

You read that right. In 2015, a man named Charles Abbott arrived at court with what he said was his attorney, a stuffed owl named Soloman. Abbott was in court for violation of a protection order. His attorney was ineffective.

Mile Marker 419.99

Seriously? We can't have anything nice, can we? I guess mile maker 420 was just too much for fans of marijuana to ignore, as the signs kept coming up missing. So to avoid the continual replacement of those signs, that was the choice for a mile marker.

Awarded the Olympics, but Declined.

It's been discussed ad nausea but ultimately the question goes, why ask for it if you don't want it? Colorado was awarded the Winter Olympics but pulled out when they realized they didn't have the funding.