One of the common ways to clear ice from your windshield without scraping is to start your car and let it idle with the defrost on high until it warms up enough to melt the ice. That's a really bad idea.

For one, even locked, a car thief won't think twice about breaking a window, hopping in and driving off.

Second, a puffing car pollutes the air, and we already have enough of a problem with air quality in the winter without all the puffers.

The solution - for those who don't want to scrape ice - is a solution that's cheap and easy to make at home.

After trying this solution on our station vehicle, I found if the frost is fairly thick, you'll still need an ice scraper but it will make the job easier.

If you don't want to use alcohol, a white vinegar, and water solution can also be used. I haven't found it as effective but learned it works best if you spray it on the windows the night before.