How do you feel about flying the Confederate flag here in Grand Junction? 

To some people this flag or symbol denotes a very dark time in our country's history. To some it stands for slavery and racism. To others it represents Southern pride.

Although Colorado did not become an official state until 1876, the area and it's residents were involved in the Civil War.

The original idea for this post came about because of an article in which a police officer was fired for flying the Confederate flag in her yard. But, then I got thinking about this area. Colorado wasn't even a state when the Civil War broke out in 1861. But, the area was important to both the Union and Confederacy. Mainly for the gold and silver mines.

I just assumed that the residents of the Colorado Territory would be overwhelmingly Union affiliated. I was wrong. Wikipedia has a history of this area in that time period and tells us that Colorado was only slightly more Union than Confederate supporters.

In fact I found a Facebook page for the Rocky Mountain Confederate Conservation. And that there are annual events around the state in honor of the Confederacy.