Every Halloween the creative people of  Colorado find new and fun ways to scare the heck out of you.

This year will be no different, although where they are may have changed.

Express All Stars-Trail of Terror-Grand Junction

Do you enjoy being terrified? Then North Avenue is your place for one amazingly fun and frightening time. These guys know how to scare people!

Studt's Dark Acres Haunted Corn Maze-Grand Junction

Getting lost in a corn maze is one thing. Getting lost in a haunted corn maze is something else! And it is. A great, scary time.

The Mindbender Haunted House-Arriba, Co.

There is literally so much to see in this one you might miss a few things. Being scared will do that to you. So go through twice. If you dare!

Dark Side of the Abbey-Canon City

The Venture Crew once again brings you what just might be the most frightening good time you will have this Halloween. People have been known to bail on this one before you even get to the end. Head to the Holy Cross Abbey and pray you get out with your sanity intact. Try it unplugged. See if the dark helps you any.

Hell's Trail-Pueblo

This one has nearly one mile of trail you have to survive. For those who like to combine exercise with sheer terror, this may be what you've been looking for. You never know WHO you will see on that trail. But then again, you may not see them, until it's too late.

Enjoy your Halloween season, if you can.