Colorado has revealed their three favorite Valentine's Day candies and the results are shocking. Colorado's favorite Valentine's Day candies are not what you'd think.

I can very easily list lots of my favorite Valentine's Day candies and unfortunately, it doesn't look like me and Colorado are on the same page. These are the three most popular Valentine's day candies in Colorado, according to the last 10 years of delicious data.

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    Cupid Corn


    My first thought is, what is cupid corn? It's basically Halloween in disguise, it's candy corn, but with Valentine's colors instead. Seems like Colorado is into cupid corn since it's the third most popular Valentine's Day candy in the state.

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    Box of Chocolates

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    Colorado's second most popular Valentine's Day candy is a good ole box of chocolates. I love all kinds of chocolate and I'll I'll take a box of it, anytime and all the time. (If it's heart-shaped, it makes the chocolate even better.)

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    Conversation Hearts


    Looks like Colorado loves the classics.The number one most popular Valentine's Day candy in Colorado are conversation hearts. I don't remember the last time I got a conversation candy heart. But I do enjoy reading the cute message, "aww I am all yours," and then devouring it.