Here in colorful Colorado, we have majestic mountains, amazing creatures, skyscrapers that cut through the clouds...yet, this is all a reality. What if Colorado was dreamed up as a fantasy land?

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore. Chris Engelsma of dreamed up the "Reddish Land". A toponymic fantasy land of our state, Colorado. Check it out and click on the photo for a higher resolution photo:

Credit: Chris Engelsma of Boolean Comics

Fort Collins is known as Collins Camp, Greeley as Gray Meadow, Boulder as Large Rock and Denver as Dane Crossing.

When I found this map on Reddit, I thought it was very well put together, creative and very fun! Colorado is a fantasy land of my own. When I was away from my home state, I dreamed of nothing more to come back here. Now that I am here, it is just as majestic and amazing as ever!

A big thanks to Chris for making this map and letting us share it!