We don't often think of abandoned places as anything other than worn out, tumbleweed filled empty places devoid of any interest or benefit.

Take a look at Colorado's amazing abandoned places.

Titan One Missile Silo - Deer Trail

What was once the site for the Titan 1 intercontinental ballistic missile is now more of a storage area and museum? You can see where the missile silo stands empty, as well as the former control center and the grounds around them. VERY cool.  Just head east on I-70 from Denver about 55 miles and there it is!

Ludlow Massacre Site - Ludlow

This was the site, in 1914, of a town of striking miners and their families who were killed by the Colorado National Guard and the Colorado Iron and Fuel Company. 66 men, women, and children were massacred. A memorial to the event now stands where the entrance to the small village used to be. A dark day, to be sure, in the history of Colorado. Many of the original buildings are still standing.


Theresa Mine - Victor

As you hike along the Vindicator Valley Trail in Victor, you come upon the Theresa Mine. The former gold mine was a working mine until 1961. Originally made of wood, the mine burned to the ground in 1934, but was rebuilt using metal. The place is now empty and rusting but as mines go pretty cool.

Animas Forks - Silverton

Built two miles above sea level this place had little chance to survive. High winds, heavy snow, and bitter cold made it necessary for residents to tunnel underground to survive. The buildings remaining are very well preserved. Kinda eerie, yet pretty neat! Located just 12 miles northeast of Silverton.

So there are a few of the ones I have found. What deserted places have you found? Let us know, we will check them out, too!