It's not that Colorado hates this guy, we just really don't care about him (which might be worse). This map will show you who the 'most ignored' artist is in your home state.

Mike Coppola/Imeh Akpanudosen/Mike Pont, Getty Images

Yeah, there's a map for that. Consequence of Sound shared the graphic below, which was created by Music Machinery to illustrate 'regional anti-preferences.'

Basically, that means they looked at listening trends for artists who are, in general, really popular, but for some reason, just don't thrive in certain parts of the country.

Basically that means if you are Luke Bryan, you're pretty damn popular, just not in California. If you're John Mayer, don't worry about routing your tour through Alaska. And, if you're R. Kelly... well, most states are ignoring R. Kelly (including ours).

Maybe that's why no one noticed he was trapped in that closet for so long.

Other artists to make the 'most-ignored' list? Believe it or not, The Rolling Stones, Calvin Harris and Haim.

Click to see full map from Music Machinery.