One Western Colorado grocery store went all out last weekend in celebration of National Brownie Week. Most people probably don't realize how many varieties of brownies are out there.

Right away, you're probably thinking "Is he talking about those brownies like you find in Palisade?" No, I'm not talking about those.

The Albertson's on Broadway made a real shindig about Brownie Week. By that way, that's Keyes hiding behind the "brownie week" sign. Albertson's busted out all the bells and whistles to offer a huge display featuring brownies of all shapes and sizes including:

  • German Chocolate Brownies
  • Mint Brownies
  • Cookies N' Cream Brownies
  • Half Cookie / Half Brownie
  • Frosted Brownies
  • Cheesecake Brownies

Until last Saturday, I thought there were precisely two types of brownies:

  • With nuts
  • Without nuts

Okay, so there is the third kind, but we're not talking about those. Well leave those to the "specialty bakers."

Just how many varieties of brownies exist? Let me know. Vote for your favorite kind. Don't see it on the list? Go ahead and write it in, and I'll add it.