The Colorado State Patrol has issued a statement informing Western Colorado residents of the existence of DUI checkpoints this Saturday.

Don't drink and drive. According to the Colorado State Patrol, so far in 2016, 86 people have died on Colorado roadways.

How exactly does a DUI checkpoint unfold?

According to Trooper Dan Chermok, Public Information Officer for the CSP, officers with the CSP, along with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and multiple partner agencies, will divert traffic through a line consisting of up to a dozen officers. These officers will watch for indications of impairment. Should they observe such indications, drivers may be asked to do voluntary roadside maneuvers.

According to Trooper Chermok, this operation is part of a year-long campaign to reduce traffic-related fatalities in the state.

Trooper Chermok issued the following statement via a press release earlier today (4/7/2016):

DON’T SPRING YOURSELF INTO A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS! If you are celebrating, choose a SOBER designated driver. Anyone observing a dangerous driver can always call *CSP (*277) or 911.

Don't drink and drive. There will be a checkpoint in Western Colorado this Saturday. Where? That piece of information isn't being shared. Since you know it's out there, and since you know drinking and driving is dangerous and obviously against the law, don't do it. Have a safe weekend.