As 2016 winds down, it's time to take a look back at some of the year's most memorable moments in my life. Some great hikes, some notable golf, and the loss of a pet dotted the calendar. In case you missed these posts from earlier in the year, take a look at five of my most memorable moments in 2016.

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    Up Close and Personal Deer Encounter Surprises Both of Us

    Observing wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park was one of the highlights of my summer. This surprise encounter with a deer provided a great outdoor moment and a nifty video.

    Zane Mathews
  • 2

    Finding Joy in the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    In July, we said goodbye to Shelby, our 9-year-old Golden Retriever. It was a most difficult time to be sure, and we sure do miss her, but we learned to appreciate the time that we had with her on this earth and were able to take comfort in all of the joy-filled moments she gave us. I put together this brief video as a tribute.

    Zane Mathews
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    Seeing Beautiful Emerald Lake Waterfall Requires Determination and Perseverance

    I was privileged to do some hiking in 2016 and the Emerald Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park was definitely one of the highlights. The waterfalls above the lake are magnificent and it's evident not many people get this close.

    Zane Mathews
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    Rough Canyon Hike Part One: It's Rough, But It is Gorgeous

    One of the local hikes I did in 2016 was Rough Canyon in the Bangs Canyon area. This turned out to be one of the most scenic hikes I've done here in the Grand Valley, though I'm still waiting to completely finish the trail route.

    Zane Mathews
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    Broncos Ring of Famer Rick Upchurch Reveals the Hardest NFL Hit He Ever Took

    Playing golf with former Denver Broncos player Rick Upchurch was definitely a highlight of the year. After the round of golf for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, I asked Rick about the hardest hit he ever received during his NFL career. He told us the story -- and then I asked him if he caught the ball.

    Zane Mathews