Don't kid yourself. You know it's coming. The zombie apocalypse. And where in Grand Junction would be the best place to hide and survive?

My friends and I have worked this one over in our minds and we have a few places that, logically, zombies can't get to. Or shouldn't be able to get to anyway. Darn zombies.

Grand Junction Police Station

Tom Freeman

Yeah. Arms, arms and more arms. And with GJ's finest right there alongside, I feel pretty good about this one.


Getty Images

All basic necessities right here. Weapons, food, clothing, shelter, and McDonald's. Yep. Safe bet.

Montrose Airport

Google Maps

No, I'm not kidding. 360 views, plane, runway, yeah. Everything covered. Including emergency bye bye.

Powderhorn Resort

Google Maps

Assuming the outbreak starts in low-lands, getting to higher ground and keeping anyone else out will be extremely important. And yet, always have an exit strategy. If they over-run you, ski away!


Google Maps

Weapons, ammo, camo, and more o. This is the best place to be o if you want to arm yourself.

OK that's my list.

Comment with yours and hurry up! Safety is the issue!