Out of state drivers-- we have all complained about them at one point in time, that's for sure. You grit your teeth and growl quietly at their driving habits, honk your horn because they are oblivious when they are sitting at a green light. One thing seems to be certain with the out of state plates, however… they have no idea what the left lanes on the interstate are used for.


Credit: dmv.ca.gov

This one is a default on the list. Ever since I could remember, anyone that lived in Colorado always complained about the drivers from California. They drive too fast or too aggressively and think that I-25 is their own personal racetrack.


Credit: Nebraksa.gov

More often than not, you will see a car with Nebraska plate seemingly floating from one side of their lane to the other. Keeping most of the other drivers anxious around them, not sure if they are going to drift into their lane or not. Chances are that Nebraskans are in awe of the majestic scenery of Colorado whilst driving. Let’s face it, the only thing Nebraska has is corn.


Credit: flhsmv.gov

I lived in the Sunshine State for seven years. Floridians don’t just drive badly here, they drive badly everywhere they go. If I see a car with Florida plates while I am driving, I usually tend to avoid it at all costs. The old people drive 10 – 15 miles under the speed limit in their Buicks and the SUV’s from Florida are swerving all over the road because they don’t know how to put down their phones while driving. Don’t even get me started on them when winter rolls around. They get scared at the littlest spit of a flurry.


Credit: TxDMV.gov

These hot tempered drivers seem to think that everyone should get out of their way when they are on the roads in Colorado. Chances are, if you are going to get cut off to the point where you have to SLAM on your brakes, it will be a car from the Lone Star State.


Credit: alabama.gov

When you spot an Alabama plate on I-25 going north or south, they’ll be in the left lane, going 60 mph or less. Almost always you’ll see the passenger or driver will have their hand out the window pointing to the west towards the mountains. We get it, they are huge, awesome and something you want to look at. The interstate isn’t the place for your photo opportunity. Pull over to an exit and get out of the way because you are holding up traffic and could cause an accident.


Credit: dot.state.wy.us

I don’t get it. They are our closest neighbor to the north, but they drive like they have no idea what is going on. How can someone from a state that has an 80 mph speed limit drive so slowly? The speed limit on I-25 is 75, not 50! Also, the left lane is for passing, not your "cruising casually" lane.


Bonus: The Colorado Red Tags

Credit: colorado.gov

These may be in state tags, but we here in Colorado can spot you “out of staters” a mile away. You have a very hard time parallel parking and either driving too slow or way too fast. There is no in between. We know you have a rental car because of that red fleet tag.